Susta Food Real Vegan Burger

Spicy real vegan burger

A delicious burger!

Susta Food Real Vegan Burger

Spicy chicken burger

A spicy bite to your burger!

Spicy vegan meatbals

Delicious meatballs with spice


Tortilla wraps with vegan meat and vegetables

Fill it up!

Italian pasta with vegan meat

It’s pasta time tonight!

Spicy vegan meat and cabbage, carrots pickled salad tacos

Stuffed taco with vegan meat

Time to stuff your taco.

vegan nuggets

Vegan Chicken nuggets

Vegan nuggets, that no-one can resist!

Vegan kipballetjes met groene boerenkool salade, avocado en tahini dressing

Vegan chicken balls with kale salad

Delicious taste!


Healthy Buddha bowl with vegan chicken

On the healthy tour tonight!

lekker eten

Chicken Schnitzel with couscous

A delicious dinner!