FAQ about Susta meat substitutes

Find the frequently asked questions about Susta Foods, our meat substitutes, orders and shipping. Is your question not answered? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

All meat substitutes ensure that you get enough nutrients. So if you want to compare them, it’s better to look at other things: is it long-lasting? Is the taste good? Does it contain soybeans? Can you add your own flavor to it? Is it produced sustainably? Susta scores yes to all of these questions. So we think we can say that we make the best meat substitute. But do judge for yourself!

In the Netherlands the price includes shipping costs. For delivery outside the Netherlands a surcharge applies, this will be stated separately in the shopping cart and on your invoice.

Miss Susta is only available through the webshop. We deliver to countries within the EU.

If you place and pay for your order on weekdays before 3 pm, the package will be delivered the same day by PostNL. You will receive a track and trace code by e-mail so you can follow your package. Within the Netherlands the package is usually delivered to your home the next working day. The delivery time outside the Netherlands depends on the local postal services in the country of destination.

Miss Susta’s packages fit through the letterbox; you don’t have to stay home or pick up the package later at a PostNL point.

The price of a miss Susta package is € 22,50 (including shipping costs). This package contains 4 sachets of miss Susta mix; each sachets contains 4 servings of 100 grams; so in total the miss Susta package contains 16 servings of 100 grams.

When ordering 3 packages you will receive a 7.50 discount and pay € 60.

Meat and chicken are important sources of protein, iron and vitamin B12. Miss Susta meat substitutes are carefully formulated. They are therefore rich in high-quality protein and enriched with iron and vitamin B12, in similar concentrations to the animal version.

Miss Susta vegan meat and chicken are soy free. With that we can claim: source of fiber, protein and iron. The mix also contains vitamin B12. Furthermore, ordinary salt is not used in the mix, but Saltwell; this is a type of sea salt, which naturally contains 35% less sodium than ordinary sea salt.

In the miss Susta mix, methyl cellulose is used to give the meat substitute the proper firmness and texture. Methyl cellulose is processed cellulose, the most common substance in our plant kingdom. Cellulose contributes to the strength of plants and trees.

Miss Susta has a shelf life of 365 days in closed containers.

It is recommended to use sunflower oil. We do not recommend olive oil because of the possible side effect.

Miss Susta is a product based on wheat. This wheat is purchased based on its protein content and quality and comes mainly from Germany.

Miss Susta is made in the Netherlands.

Helma Verkerk worked in food ingredients for many years. She was the initiator for the launch of miss Susta in early 2021 and now owns Susta foods together with 2 partners.